Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wahroonga Home

We completed this home at the end of '08 for a family of six after they returned from living in the U.K. This is the second home we have worked on for this family which is a lot more classic.
The powderoom is a study in brown. Beautiful Dark Emperodor marble, 'stringy' grasspaper & Luxe Ebony timber veneer
This quirky nest of 2 tables was designed as a practical and modern solution. The glass and steel contrast with the classic shape of the armchair which is covered in a modern cut velvet from Europe
You can see here that the colours were inspired by the Persian rug. The generous sofa is covered in a beautiful velvet from the U.S and the curtains are simply elegant in silk
The kitchen in this home is definitely the hub. The family can congregate around it - there are classic bentwood stools on the other side. The satin polyurethane in Dulux Linseed and Luxe Ebony timber veneer combine to create a contemporary and timeless look
The exterior hints at the classic direction inside. We designed the front door as a grand gesture which the builder made for the clients

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